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Buildings and the built environment play a major role in the human impact on the natural environment and on the quality of life; sustainable design integrates consideration of resource and energy efficiency, healthy buildings and materials, ecologically and socially sensitive land use; and an aesthetic sensitivity that inspires, affirms and ennobles; sustainable design can significantly reduce adverse human impacts on the natural environment while simultaneously improving quality of life and economic well being.

We commit ourselves, as Wilson Group to, place environmental and social sustainability at the core of our practices and professional responsibilities Develop and continually improve practices, procedures, products, curricula, services and standards that will enable the implementation of sustainable design Educate our fellow professionals, the building industry, clients, students and the general public about the critical importance and substantial opportunities of sustainable design Establish policies, regulations and practices in government and business that ensure sustainable design becomes normal practice Bring all existing and future elements of the built environment - in their design, production, use and eventual re-use - up to sustainable design standards.

All our buildings are designed utilising the basic principles of sustainable design.  These principles are straight forward :  minimise artificial light, heating and mechanical ventilation; conserve water, avoid air conditioning, use site and materials wisely, recycle where possible.

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